Wait, the Answers are in Stillness

As soon as we wake up, we are on our phones, scrolling through social media, turning on the stream TV. On the way to work we are listening to the radio for road delays, or listening for speed traps on Waze, or even navigating the honking horns of impatient drivers. When the “noise” of life screams at you, you find the answers to your most frustrating problems by sitting in stillness.

Personal Motivation:  Sink or Swim

Depending on the season, depending on the year there are 101 gimmicks around personal motivation. Get a leadership coach. Try this communication class. Watch this podcast series. Buy the latest and greatest self-help book in personal empowerment. Despite the tool or strategy, the ability to motivate yourself through the ups and downs of life determines whether you sink or swim.

Using Patience to Achieve Your Dreams

I want. You want. We want. As children we are often told to be patient until whatever we desire arrives at the right time. Youth and being impulsive go hand in hand. As adults, we often just put more strength into the push to grab whatever it is we want in life. However, patience, real patience is a gift we give ourselves that is timeless.

Cyber Monday Deals:  Books, Books, and Books!

Just as the trees release their old leaves in preparation for winter hibernation – you can release that which no longer serves you. The motivational book series, “The Life and Times of Indigo Stone,” will help you reinvent yourself into a warrior of light. The books contain tips and suggestions for riding the peaks and valleys of life.