Resurrection:  Believe in Second Chances

When life gives you a second chance, take it. A specific person may not give you a second chance, but we are often presented with the same life lesson until we get it right.

It is Easter Sunday in the United States. This is a wonderful time to remember what is means to be human and live in a society that is often quick to misjudge and misunderstand people who are different. The differences can be based on skin color, hair style, preferred clothing, or something as deep as different political views and the institution of marriage.

We have no control over how others perceive us. Often a person’s perception of you has nothing to do with you as a person but everything to do with the lens used to view the world. If you have a disagreement with someone, and he or she chooses to end the relationship – let it go and move on. However, consider how to present yourself differently next time. Look forward to the second chance.

Sixty percent of communication is nonverbal. People are less afraid or offended when what makes you unique is not a surprise. Now, you may not need to tattoo anything on your forehead or dress in eccentric clothes. But if you are private sensitive person, do not walk around being overly friendly to strangers inviting them into your world. If you are a social butterfly and being around people energizes you, do not invest time a quiet club such as knitting or chess.

People today often cannot stand to hear an opinion with which they do not agree. But there are things you can do to make your personality stand out without a single word. Eventually, your real tribe will be able to spot you across the room. You’ll find your niche where you can be you and shine like a star.

When life gives you a second chance, take it.

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