Advice: How to Be YOU in this World!

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Love of self eliminates the need to be approved and accepted by others. You can just BE. 

What is self-love? When you love yourself, you accept your strengths and weaknesses. You can always strive to be better, but perfection is an illusion. Sometimes all hell breaks loose, and things get messy. But that is part of life. You laugh it off. You cry and get tissue. You get mad and scream in your car. But then you bounce back and keep at it. Learn more by reading…

“The Life and Times of Indigo Stone: 50 Life Lessons” is a good read for family, friends, and teens. The book is on Amazon right now in two formats, paperback and KINDLE.

“Whispered Secrets in the Man Cave: 50 Life Lessons” is a gift of love for the man in your life. Choose a quick KINDLE download or savor the paperback.

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