Surviving COVID-19: Resume Tips

Will the nation reopen on May 1st? What have you done during the wait? When companies open their doors, you need to step up with your resume.

Employers only spend 10 seconds glancing at a resume. You need to grab their attention and pull them in with a great resume.  Do a little research to understand your industry. Look at what has been done in the past, then punch it up with a few key words that make you stand out.

Research your ideal job. It is important to tailor your summary to the job. Search for your ideal positions. Then, compile a list of common job requirements and preferred qualifications.

Assess your qualifications. How do you measure up? Be confident, but humble. You do not have to match every aspect of the job vacancy, 100%. But you do not want to land the job and require basic training on your day-to-day responsibilities.  Outside of the minimum requirements, can you describe bonus skills you bring to the table?  Also, if you are lacking in one area, how can you make up for in another area? Remember to clearly relay how you would benefit to the company.

Choose a headline strategy. Your resume title should be concise. Consider using bold, italics, or capitalized letters. But remain conservative and professional. Avoid bright colors and font better suited for arts and crafts projects. If you have space for a sub-heading, this is the place to add your personal stamp. Refer to an accomplishment or skill that helped you rock it in a previous project or position. Also remember to tailor the headline to the industry you want to be in.

Use a career objective. Do not literally label the career objective as an “objective” in the resume. The content of your objective should be woven into your career summary. The objective should send the message of – this is who I am as a professional, competent employee. Avoid the giving the impression – this is who I want to be in the future. The objective should show your benefit to the company. Remember to be concise and specific.

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*Repost from January 2020

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