Assertive Communication Series:  The 3 Communication Styles

Welcome to the final installment of the three-part series on assertive communication. In the first post, we defined assertive communication. In the second post, we helped you clearly define your needs and wants that need to be communicated. In this final post, we are comparing and contrasting assertive communication to passive and aggressive so you can avoid the pitfalls and recognize the red flags in others.

Your Mountain is Waiting: New Habits in the New Year!

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!” — Dr. Seuss

It is a new year and an opportunity for new beginnings. We often make new year’s resolutions that fall flat by January 31st. Here are practical tips to create new healthy habits in the new year. With these strategies you can carry your resolutions through to December 31st.

New Year’s Book Sale: How to Rock it in 2023!

The best of us might have long-range plans, vision boards, to do list, and a marked-up calendar. But nothing happens without small steady steps towards progress. Whether your goal is to be a happier you, Rockstar employee, or more organized parent – take it day by day. Use the 50 life lessons in “The Life and Times of Indigo Stone” to guide you.