Drop the Grudge: Your Journal Prompt #108

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we need to give forgiveness. Sometimes we need to receive forgiveness. Holding on to grudges because of perceived wrongs can make us sick mentally or physically.  At times, hurt is part of life. A parent may criticize us. A partner may cheat. That co-worker might steal your best project idea.  […]

Self-Comparison Sucks: Your Journal Prompt #107

Comparing yourself to other people is a great way to make yourself feel terrible. Stop doing it! Before COVID-19, our self-comparison may have centered around wealth, status, and beauty.  Now, we struggle with our partners, family, and friends trying to decide who is more miserable. Understand this – everybody has a sad story. Everybody has […]

Grit vs. IQ: Your Journal Prompt #106

I think I can. I think I can. Grit. To be successful in this world, you need more than just IQ points. Grit, the ability to persevere, will carry you through the darkest times. Grit is not really taught in schools today. If you struggle in school, you get a low grade, then you move […]

Blood Magic, Episode 22 – King’s Dominion

The tale of “Blood Magic” leads to us to the amusement park, King’s Dominion. Enjoy episode 22 of the podcast. In “Blood Magic,” Selina Anderson is a small-town teacher with a big-time problem with vampires who are out to kill her before she can make them her next meal.  She is looking forward to a […]

The Silver Lining: Your Journal Prompt #105

Calm and clear your mind. Consider your struggles and successes. When you wake up in the morning do you choose to try again? Or just lay in bed defeated? If you choose to try again, that is the silver lining. Write it down. Hold on to it. Keeping a journal can help you commit to […]

Overcoming Obstacles: Resume Hacks

Hiring Managers have a difficult task. They need to fill job vacancies, but they must wade through poorly written resumes. Help a prospective employer make a quick decision to call you by crafting a nice resume. The work history is the real “meat” to any resume. Hack #1: Do not copy the job description. Some […]

Releasing Fear Through Writing: Your Journal Prompt #104

We are living in trying times. It is normal to feel difficult emotions. There are different strategies for releasing fear in a way that is healthy and positive. Believe in the power of the pen. Write. Recognize the sense of fear. After a certain point in life, many of us never say out loud that […]

Blood Magic, Episode 21 – Tangled Webs

Lips kiss, hands touch, they slide together weaving the web. Enjoy episode 21 of “Blood Magic,” the podcast. For a limited time, “Blood Magic,” the vampire hunter novel, will be FREE as a Nook Book on Barnes and Noble. Use the coupon code BNPFREEMAGIC from Sunday, April 12 through Sunday, April 26, 2020. Click HERE […]

Surviving COVID-19: Resume Tips

Will the nation reopen on May 1st? What have you done during the wait? When companies open their doors, you need to step up with your resume. Employers only spend 10 seconds glancing at a resume. You need to grab their attention and pull them in with a great resume.  Do a little research to […]

Finding Gratitude During Crisis: Your Journal Prompt #103

Practicing gratitude is an extremely effective tool for coping during a crisis. Regularly expressing thankfulness also helps you ride the peaks and valleys in life.  There are different ways to express feeling blessed. Gratitude journaling will deliver most if not all the benefits. The dictionary definition of gratitude states: “the quality of being thankful; readiness […]

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