First-time Authors: Editing Services Just for You

Are you a first-time author? Are you ready to self-publish and share your book with the world? Indigo Stone loves working with NEWBIES. We offer caring, compassionate, but critically needed editing services.

Indigo Stone Offers Editorial Evaluation

An editorial evaluation is a critical first overview of your manuscript by a professional editor. Your chosen editor will read through the complete manuscript and provide compassionate, in-depth feedback concerning elements such as plot, characterization, structure, consistency, and style.

We Copy Edit

Copy editing will help you calibrate your book’s text.  A copy edit will address grammatical or punctuation errors, incorrect facts, anomalies, inconsistencies, and glaring typos. Overall, the purpose of copy editing is to align the book’s language with the writer’s intent.

Indigo Stone Provides Proofreading

Working with a proofreader is your last stop in the editing process. To ensure your book is ready to hit bookshelves or the digital world of publishing, our proofreaders will step in and double-check things. We make sure that your files are free from spelling mistakes, grammar errors, missing punctuation.

We offer price quotes

 There are discounts for first-time authors

Self-published writers are welcome

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