Healthy Boundaries, Get Some!

Isn’t she sweet? Isn’t he kind? What a lady. What a good man. Yes, you can be things all great and good, but you better get some healthy boundaries with the people you meet out in society. The takers have no boundaries.

The myth to all the positivity thinking and coaching is that is makes you look weak or soft. This is not true. Having a positive mindset takes work and commitment. The right attitude carries you through the ups and downs of life without having you linger too long in the dark pits. You can love yourself and take care of family and friends. However, you must, must have healthy boundaries!

People who walk in the light are easy targets for the miserable, self-destructive, and downright mean personalities that live in this world generation after generation. Having healthy boundaries means knowing when to say “no” to someone who is not good for you. It means saying “no” to someone who always takes from you and never gives anything in return. It means saying “no” to someone who simply has not earned your trust.

People who are on your level will understand your healthy boundaries. The ones who cry foul and try to assassinate your character for saying “no” to this and that, are typically the users. These energy vampires are angry they do not have access to your positive energy. Remember, the takers have no boundaries. It is up to you to keep your relationships positive and respectful and know when to shield yourself from the users.

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