Positive Communication through Difficult Emotions

We all have those days where life gets the best of us, and we are simply ticked off by a person or a situation. Navigating different personalities at home, at work, and in the community is part of life. Knowing how to have positive communication to resolve issues, is golden.

The best thing to do when someone has angered you, is to take a step back to regain your composure. Many bridges have been burned by saying something in the heat of the moment that you cannot take back. Unless it is a matter of life or death, give yourself time to calm down before addressing a person or situation that has angered you. You may need a whole 24 hours to do this. But do not let the anger sit. Do no let an issue sit and remain unresolved for weeks, months, or even years. Holding unspoken grudges, is unhealthy mentally and physically. It is also unfair to the other person who may sense the tension but not know the cause of it.

After you regain your composure, decide whether the issue is an ongoing problem or the other person simply having a difficult day. Once again, do not let ongoing issues fester. If you wish to maintain the relationship, it is always helpful to begin with “are you okay?” before assuming the other person offended you with real intent.

Many times loved ones are distracted by tricky situations that have nothing to do with us, but they act out in ways that negatively affect other people. Once it is clear there is a specific problem, address it. What inspired the actions of the other person? How and why did it trigger you? How can you both work together to avoid the conflict in the future? Keep in mind a realistic and fair solution for both parties.

Once the air has cleared, drop it, and do whatever it takes to maintain the peace. Real relationships need time and forgiveness. Miscommunication and misunderstandings are normal and part of life. The key is to resolve issues in a compassionate way so every is free to be human.

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