Inspire Yourself to Do Your Body Right!

Treat your body right and your body will do right by you. Every day we are blasted with social media messages on what to eat and what to drink. How do you dig through and find a foundation to help you stand strong?  

We often learn nutrition at home when we are children. Our diets can be affected by income, access to health education, and fitting in with our families and communities. However, after a while, you must educate yourself on the facts of nutrition. You can start simple with books from the local library, verified health websites, and documentaries on television. If you have the access, you can try a nutritionist through your healthcare plan, a personal trainer from the local gym, or a get fit program like Weight Watchers. Choose a method that works for you.  

With all the social media, we all know the benefits of exercise. Most experts say we need 30 minutes of exercise each day. For the exercise to be effective, however, you must get your heart rate up and sweat. You must challenge yourself and reach beyond your daily comfort zone. In addition to a set time for exercise, you need movement throughout the day. Sitting for 5 hours or more daily is as detrimental to your health as being a chain smoker. Walk up the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator. Rake the leaves in the fall instead of paying the local youth to do it. Use the family pet as an excuse to play for 10 minutes and walk and dance around the house.  

It is crucial that you get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Our bodies and minds rejuvenate during sleep. Without hitting reset though a good night’s sleep—toxins, stress, and anxieties build up until we are sick in large and small ways. Developing good sleep hygiene is finding what helps relax you and put you to sleep. A good sleep routine could include meditation, quiet reading, light music, a warm bath, or a sound machine. Regulate the temperature in your bedroom. Most people have the best sleep at 68 degrees.  

Treat your body right and your body will do right by you. Start small and adjust your routine to improve your self-care. Come back at the same time next week as we continue to help you build the foundation of a life well lived.  

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