Dating Advice: Taming the Hen Party

Congratulations! The term “hen party” is officially in the dictionary. What does it mean?

hen party (noun) Definition of hen party: a party for women only

No matter your sexual orientation, if you are dating a woman, beware the hen party. Until you say, “I love you,” the messy details of who you are as a boyfriend are discussed among the girls solely for their entertainment. So, how do you tame the hen party and avoid character assassination?

Rule #1:  Never diss the friend of your partner

Your partner might have the most annoying girlfriend from the Black Lagoon. Never speak on it! She had that friend before you. They have a history. Avoid giving the impression that you cannot get along with a long-standing friendship. Your girlfriend will secretly wonder if she will have to choose between you and the best friend down the road.

Rule #2:  Never make negative generalizations about women

No matter your experiences with women as friends, lovers, and family—never make broad negative generalizations about women.  The hen party will crucify you for this. One wrong statement about women of the world can send them into a man bashing spiral that will last for hours, days, maybe more. When your woman returns to you from the hen party, there is going to be an invisible wall, that can only be broken down with good d*ck skills.

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