Dating Advice: Saucy Girlfriends

“Jessica Rabbit: You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.” –Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1988

In the 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit is this red-headed, voluptuous vixen, that makes the men drool and lose all reason. Whatever your sexual orientation if you are dating a woman, beware of the saucy, sexy girlfriend. This is the attractive friend who smiles at you, chats with you, spends time with you and your partner—and indirectly strokes your ego.

If you are being a good boyfriend, husband, lover, whatever your title, your partner is sharing good stories with her friends. True friends congratulate the relationship success. Another kind of friend might slide up next to you wanting to get a sample of the goods. Beware! Do not fall for this unless you want your primary relationship to end.

If you have ever been single for a period, you know how it seems to hang over you in different ways. When you go on dates, the other person always wants to know why you are single in the first place. Or the other person wants to know how long you have been single. If you do not give a good reason for being single, you indirectly have a bad reference from the last relationship. If you have been single too long, then that can also be perceived as a red flag that you might not be relationship material. Now, when you are in a relationship and getting good publicity—yum, yum gimme some. You have a stamp of approval. It is like needing to have a good credit score to get more credit cards.

So, when you are in a good relationship, you will stand out to saucy girlfriends and other single women who do not mind a little backstabbing to catch a man. Once again, do not fall for this, unless you want your primary relationship to end. This type of behavior only leads to a lifestyle of quantity over quality. Plus, karma is a real b*tch! If you work through the process of carefully choosing the right partner, stick with the relationship through the normal ups and downs of life. If you decide to end the relationship, do the honorable thing, and make a clean break before jumping into a new connection.

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NEXT STEPS:  Never spend a lot of time alone with a saucy girlfriend. 

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