Enjoy the Holidays with “Blood Magic!”

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Unwind during the holidays with “Blood Magic,” the murder mystery set in small-town Virginia. If you love the smell of a new book, enjoy the paperback novel. If you are a tech wiz with an extensive online library, download the Kindle Edition. If you are super-duper busy and want to hear a good tale, check out the podcast. The podcast is on iHeart Radio, Spotify, Stitchers, and Indigo Stone.

In “Blood Magic,” Selina Anderson is a small-town woman with a big-time problem with vampires who are out to kill her before she can make them her next meal.  She is looking forward to a quiet lazy summer in Culpeper, Virginia, where everybody knows everybody.  At least this is her plan until three strangers enter her life in one day. 

NEXT STEPS: Check out “Blood Magic” on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YKS9JVK

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