Blood Magic, Romance Round-Up *Spoiler Alert*

Blood Magic Romance RoundUp

Magic and Temptation

I pulled back from the vision with a sense of elation knowing that I had made some progress.  Then Devlin’s lips were moving over mine slowly redirecting my energy.  I began to relax into him and kiss him back. His arm tightened like a vise around my waist.  He lowered me down onto the bed and kept me covered with the warm hardness of his body. My hands roamed his back feeling the tightly coiled muscles. I realized I had been anticipating the feel of him beneath my hands. Now, I could explore.

            “Look at me,” he whispered against my lips. I looked into his sea green eyes dilated with passion.  He growled low in his throat. Then he was back to kissing me, but more fiercely. 

Magic and Mystery

“Relax,” Devlin whispered into my ear as he ran his hands up and down my slick hips.  He reached around me to grab the bottle of shampoo. Then he began to lather my hair and gently massage my scalp.  I couldn’t help but shiver from his touch.

            “This is probably not a good idea,” I sighed.

            “What is not good about it?” he rumbled in my ear.  “No, on second thought don’t answer that.”

            “Well, for one we are in the middle of this war …” I began anyway.  He turned me around and smashed my soft body against his demanding my full attention.  With swiftness he bent his much taller frame down to kiss me. His full lips lashed against mine taking control of my thoughts.  All I knew at that moment was the taste of Devlin and his body pressed against mine. 

Magic and Delight

I pulled out of the vision.  Devlin and I were kneeling on the carpet.  He had wrapped his body around me. My arms had snaked their way around his taunt waist.  His hands traveled up my back into my hair then he was pulling me back.  His mouth slashed across mine – hungry and fierce.  I couldn’t deny that I wanted him. His blood had a carnal effect on me.  A part of me realized I had indeed been avoiding him.  I was afraid to explore the possibility that I could get used to drinking his blood. I was surrounded by the wild earthy sent of him.  He kissed me until I was gasping for breath.

Want more? “Blood Magic” by RL Collins has been released on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In “Blood Magic,” Selina Anderson battles vampires, witches, and were-animals to save small town Virginia. In this adventure, carnal delights can bring death or life.

Take a sneak peek at “Blood Magic” the podcast at podcast central:


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