Take Time to Rest:  Here’s Why…

If you are keeping up with the news, you hear the constant messages about inflation, politics, COVID, and more. Large and small concerns can make you feel tired. Large and small demands on your time can make you feel tired. Consider scheduling strategic time to rest from the busy world around us. Read on for signs that you need more rest:

1 – You feel more tired than usual

Being tired due to prolonged or intense physical or mental exertion is normal. What isn’t normal is for the fatigue to continue day after day, all day long, from when you get up in the morning until bedtime.

2 – You can’t get through the day without stimulants

Whether it be caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, sugar or any type of drug, cheating by using stimulants is only a temporary solution to fatigue. In fact, in the long run there’s a good chance it’ll get worse. And that’s why we continually need more and more of the same stimulants in order to achieve the same effect.

3 – You have a hard time concentrating

Whether it’s from tiredness or some other factor, one of the early signs that we need a rest is not being able concentrate on the tasks in hand. Dreaming, multitasking, or procrastinating can be signs that our energy reserves are getting low.

4 – You’re always thinking about work

It’s funny that even when you know you’re suffering from fatigue and overexertion, and you know you need a break, you still can’t stop thinking about work. Even when you are finally able to get some rest, you feel guilty! Even if you don’t have to do any work, you still keep on doing it, even if it’s just thinking about it.

5 – You’re always in a bad mood

Fatigue tends to put us in a bad mood. But when exhaustion has reached its limits and your body should be resting, that crankiness becomes chronic. If you also turn cynical, unpleasant, or rude then it’s a definite sign you should be slowing down.

6 – Your health is deteriorating

Continuous fatigue and stress affect the immune system. Your health is affected, and you become more vulnerable to colds and flu. You may also experience a concerning weight loss or gain and have frequent headaches or migraines. Your heart rate make increase too, which can indicate an increased risk of heart disease.

7 – You make more and more mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, when these mistakes are made too often, especially if they are silly mistakes, then it’s time to start worrying. What was just a silly mistake at the start could become something far more serious in the future.

Source:  Exploring Your Mind

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