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During this time, we are highlighting our blog that posts every Sunday. We promote writing (journaling) as a way to cope with COVID-19 and life in general. Check in every week to respond to different journal prompts.

If you are at home or commuting and want some entertainment, we have “Blood Magic” the podcast.

In “Blood Magic,” Selina Anderson is a small-town teacher with a big-time problem with vampires who are out to kill her before she can make them her next meal.  She is looking forward to a quiet lazy summer in Culpeper, Virginia, where everybody knows everybody.  At least this is her plan until three strangers enter her life in one day. 

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Rebuilding the Fort: Your Journal Prompt #109

Sometimes life smacks you in the face. You didn’t even see it coming. Maybe you are blindsided by a job loss. Maybe you are surprised by the passing of a loved one. Maybe you are used to a certain way of doing things, then the rules change. The world can be unpredictable. After you roll […]

Blood Magic Revised Cover

Three Day Countdown – “Blood Magic” Book Sale

In “Blood Magic,” Selina Anderson battles vampires, witches, and were-animals to save small town Virginia. In this thrilling adventure, carnal delights can bring death or life. Prepare for summer by gifting yourself or the reader in your life with an eBook of “Blood Magic.” B&N/Nook readers can use coupon BNP50SUMMER to save 50% at checkout […]

Drop the Grudge: Your Journal Prompt #108

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we need to give forgiveness. Sometimes we need to receive forgiveness. Holding on to grudges because of perceived wrongs can make us sick mentally or physically.  At times, hurt is part of life. A parent may criticize us. A partner may cheat. That co-worker might steal your best project idea.  […]

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