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We like to inspire the reluctant writer with bonus tips from our blog. When the stars and moon align, we love publishing rockstar authors like RL Collins. We offer caring, compassionate, but critically needed editing services.

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During this time, we are highlighting our blog that posts every Sunday. We promote writing (journaling) as a way to cope with COVID-19 and life in general. Check in every week to respond to different journal prompts.

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If you want some entertainment, we have “Blood Magic” the novel, e-book, and podcast.

In “Blood Magic,” Selina Anderson is a small-town woman with a big-time problem with vampires who are out to kill her before she can make them her next meal.  She is looking forward to a quiet lazy summer in Culpeper, Virginia, where everybody knows everybody.  At least this is her plan until three strangers enter her life in one day. 

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FLASHBACK: Hope and Action

“Without action, you aren’t going anywhere.”  Mahatma Gandhi With hope you can survive anything. With hope and action, you do not just survive but you thrive. Hope is believing without seeing. Take your hope and persevere towards a goal through action. Even when you do not know all the steps and obstacles up ahead, take […]

The Power of “I Can!”

I think I can. I think I can. I…think…I…can. Remember “The Little Engine That Could (1930, Platt & Munk)?” The rain is heavy. The hill is huge. The train engine is giving it his all to carry the weight and preserve. The engine motivates himself and whispers words of encouragement to cross the proverbial finish […]

Indulge Your Pleasure with “Blood Magic!”

Indulge your pleasure with “Blood Magic,” the murder mystery set in small-town Virginia. If you love the smell of a new book, enjoy the paperback novel. If you are a tech wiz with an extensive online library, download the Kindle Edition. If you are super duper busy and want to hear a good tale, check […]

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