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About Us: Indigo Stone is a small business located in Northern Virginia. We inspire people to persevere through the pandemic, political unrest, and civil disruption with our motivational blog. When the stars and moon align, we publish Rockstar authors like RL Collins. Newbie authors need caring, compassionate, but critically needed editing services – we offer this too.

It is time for new beginnings. Find time to recharge your mind. Slide into the simple pleasure of reading literature that motivates you to persevere through the expected and unexpected.

“The Life and Times of Indigo Stone: 50 Life Lessons” is a good read for family, friends, and teens. Choose to savor the paperback or get a fast download of a digital copy.

“Whispered Secrets in the Man Cave: 50 Life Lessons” is a gift of love for the man in your life. It has meaningful life advice sprinkled with humor.

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Inspire Yourself to Do Your Body Right!

Treat your body right and your body will do right by you. Every day we are blasted with social media messages on what to eat and what to drink. How do you dig through and find a foundation to help you stand strong?

Put Yourself First & Feel Like a Winner

Putting yourself first helps you win at love, life, and work. Putting yourself first is not selfish. It is important to develop a routine of self-care that makes you strong in mind, body, and soul. Below are short points to remember as you take care in this hectic world.

Master the Inner Critic

The inner critic is the persistent inner voice that undermines your self-esteem and overall wellbeing. The inner critic can be relentless in making you feel less than and incapable of large and small accomplishments. Begin today to dissolve the inner critic and be the superhero in your life.

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