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Welcome to the fourth installation in the five-part series on writing cover letters.

Today’s job market is competitive. If you don’t have an inside connection with the hiring company, you really need to cross your t’s and dot your i’s.

Hiring managers love to see statistics. Quantify work experience in the cover letter. Use numbers to describe measurable success in other positions. Did you save the company revenue? Did you save the company on product delivery?  How many new clients did you recruit? Even if previous positions centered around soft skills and managing people, you can find creative ways to use numbers and stand out.

Consider testimonials. Do you have good quotes from managers in your performance evaluation? Have clients or co-workers mentioned you or your project in social media? Use written feedback from different platforms to add star power to your cover letters.

Write the cover letter in the company’s voice. As mentioned in earlier blog posts, research the company through their website and social media to understand their culture. Use your findings to draft a cover letter in the appropriate tone and language.

Remember to show enthusiasm but don’t spell out that you are excited. And watch the adverbs! Some candidates may write, “I am super excited to apply for job Z!” No, don’t do this. Yes, show your personality, creativity, and excitement. But write like a normal person. Use a thesaurus every now and then.

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