The Art of Doing Nothing

We live in a “go hard or go home” culture. The art of doing nothing must be honed over time. Not everyone can do it right away. But it is a worthwhile skill to develop.

When you are always on the go, you miss opportunities for peace and self-reflection. It is in those quiet moments when you experience life’s truths. Your partner’s request for a new take-out restaurant was really about the need to get out of a rut. Your friend’s quiet hellos and tired eyes are about personal struggle he or she is dealing with. You realize you fill every minute of the hour with an activity because do not want to feel loneliness.

Sitting alone in your own space also helps hone intuition. Intuition can be defined in many ways. It is the ability to read between the lines. Intuition is gathering important unspoken information.

So, how do you learn the art of doing nothing? You can start small with five minutes a day. Use the time to meditate, do breath work, stretch, journal, or listen to music. Eventually, in weeks, months, or years, you will have the ability to sit in silence and just be.

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