Meet Yourself Where You Are

It is normal to experience ups and downs in life. We typically have plans to accomplish goals large and small. Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we fail. Meeting yourself where you are is walking the path, enjoying the path, before you arrive at the destination.

The path

What is your goal for today? Get to work on time? Buy groceries for the household? Repair the leaking sink? What is your goal for the week? The next month? It is normal for adults to have daily, weekly, monthly goals. We strive to succeed in large and small ways. We beat ourselves up if we take a misstep or fall short. The best thing to do is to set out on a path that brings pride, peace, and inspires you to persevere. The end is not the goal or highlight of your existence. It is being true to yourself and committing to enrichment of your life.

The walking

Today’s news outlets, social media, movies, music, etc. can have us feeling like bigger is better. As we live this life of ups and downs, we must be glammed up, well spoken, wearing gold thread in our clothes and more. But really, much of life is a private walk. Some shout their life experiences from the rooftops. While others keep their thoughts private in a journal. It all depends on the person. Meeting yourself where you are is understanding that you are not required to advertise, compare, or compete with the people around you. Your walk is not better or worse than the next person’s. The walk is your unique experience of life.

The destination

If you do not enjoy the process of striving toward a particular goal, the thrill of achievement will be very brief. You might feel the high for a few minutes, few hours, maybe a whole day. Then, it is time to find another flag to plant on the mountain top. It is a mark of maturity to take pride in working towards a goal. Find steps to take that bring peace and joy on a daily, weekly basis. Learn to celebrate small wins. Reaching your destination is great, but unless you are at the end of a well-lived life, there is more to come. Look forward to that “more.”

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