Finances and Self-Esteem Part 2

When you define who you are by finances and material things, you are on a rocky road. Money may come and go based on situations outside our control. Pandemics hit and may close a business. Corruption can crash a stock or make an investment run dry. Maybe we have a health crisis and cannot work for a period of time. Anything can happen. To survive in this world, you need a healthy love of self.

There are countless ways to build a healthy self-esteem. Here are more tips to motivate you:

Do unto Others

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Even if the person is being nasty and mean to you, you do not know the story behind it. Be respectful. Be compassionate. Take a step back if you need to. If you want forgiveness and understanding on your dark days, give it to others.

Forgive Yourself and Others

Holding on to feelings of bitterness or resentment, keep us stuck in a cycle of negativity. Is there is someone in your life you have not forgiven? An ex-partner? A family member? Yourself? Forgiveness starts with you. If we have not forgiven yourself, shame will keep you in a loop of negativity.  Forgiveness boosts your self-esteem because it connects you with you loving nature and promotes an acceptance of self and others, despite our flaws.

You Are Not Your Circumstances

Money and your financial worth are not static. It can change year to year. It can go up; it can go down.  Learn to differentiate between your circumstances and who you are is key to self-worth. Inner worth, loving your imperfect self, providing a strong foundation for personal growth, is PRICELESS. 

We are all born with infinite potential and equal worth as human beings. That we are anything less is a false belief that we have learned over time. Therefore, with hard work and self-compassion, self-destructive thoughts and beliefs can be unlearned. Start taking steps today to build yourself self-esteem so you can face the world no matter your temporary circumstances.

NEXT STEPS:  Stand in the mirror and say: I love me. I like me. I respect me. I am more than enough.

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