Break the Loop of Negative Thinking!

You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, “I release the need for this in my life”. ~Wayne Dyer

The most important relationship in your life is between you and you. There are many things in life that are outside your control such as politics, the economy, climate change, even the rude neighbor next door. But there are ways to tame your inner world and reduce obsessive negative thinking.

Everyone has a tone to their thoughts. The exact details of negative thinking are unique to everyone. However, once you are trapped in the loops it can be difficult to get out. So, what can you do? The first thing to do is to accept that who you are in this moment is perfect. Develop loving kindness and compassion for yourself. You are not your thoughts. But your thoughts have power. It is your task to discover how to interrupt these thoughts because they take you out of your power.

One way to break the obsessive thinking is to bring yourself to the present moment. Train yourself to become aware of your breath. You cannot breathe in and predict the future. You cannot breathe out and change the past. However, sitting in the present moment through at least one inhale and one exhale breaks the loop of negative thinking. This lasts as long as you can maintain awareness of your breath.

Try this exercise. Focus on the tip of your nose. Travel up the bridge of your nose. Circle your right nostril. Circle your left nostril. Breathe in. How is the temperature of the air as you breathe in? Breathe out. How is the temperature of the air as you breathe out? Breathe in. How does the breath travel down into your body? How far does it travel? To your chest? To your diaphragm? Down into your belly? Breathe out. Feel your body. Do you feel any restrictions to the exhale? How can you push through the blocks to release the breath and take in fresh air?

Practice this for a few cycles. Then reflect. How do you feel? What percentage of your awareness is present? Anytime during your day when you feel your thoughts getting away from you, you can try this breath exercise. The goal is not to take a break for 5 minutes a day then go on about your life. The goal is to break the obsessive negative thinking and live a life of loving kindness, compassion, and presence.

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