Dirty Feet & the Opinion of Others

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” – Ghandi

Did you see what she is wearing? How much money did he make on that job? What did she say at the grocery store? I can’t believe he is talking to that one.

Everybody, believe me, everybody has an opinion on what you say and do in this life. Some will even tell you to your face how they approve or disapprove of your adult choices. Others will whisper behind your back whether they perceive you to be a success or failure on life’s stage.

The main thing to know is often our biggest critics are unhappy in their own lives, and misery loves company. Or our biggest critics are envious and jealous that we have large and small successes. The Ghandi quote means do not focus on the haters. Do not focus on people who are constantly negative.

The only person we have control over in this life is ourselves. You have 50,000-80,000 thoughts every day. There is no way to stop the thinking. It is simply impossible. What you can do, is redirect unwanted thoughts and opinions from others into positive messaging. Feed your mind love, encouragement, and motivation every day. This may be done through prayer, mantras, meditation, YouTube videos, song, affirmations in front of the mirror, and more. Be your own best cheerleader!

At times you may even need to distance yourself from a Debbie Downer. Limit the phone calls. Limit the emails. Limit the happy hour gatherings. It is important to have healthy boundaries around people who are constantly negative and intrusive with their unwanted opinions. Life is too short to be bogged down in the opinions of others. Haters can distract you from having a healthy and positive enjoyment of life. The most valuable opinion is your own. You decide whether you will have a good day or challenging day.

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