Get Ready to SIZZLE: Memorial Day Reading!!!

May 31, 2021 will be Memorial Day in the USA. Grab a cool drink, sit back, and be ready to sizzle with the romance novel “Blood Drops on the Virginia Trail.”

Selina Anderson comes back in this sequel, “Blood Drops on the Virginia Trail:  A Novel.”  In this new adventure, she is torn between the forbidden desire for two beautiful men. A nation-wide pandemic has hit Culpeper requiring everyone to wear masks and social distance. The battle to develop a life saving vaccine draws the attention of vampires, were-animals, and other magical creatures. 

EXCERPT from prequel

“Relax,” Devlin whispered into my ear as he ran his hands up and down my slick hips.  He reached around me to grab the bottle of shampoo. Then he began to lather my hair and gently massage my scalp.  I couldn’t help but shiver from his touch.

“This is probably not a good idea,” I sighed.

“What is not good about it?” he rumbled in my ear.  “No, on second thought don’t answer that.”

“Well, for one we are in the middle of this war …” I began anyway.  He turned me around and smashed my soft body against his demanding my full attention.  With swiftness he bent his much taller frame down to kiss me. His full lips lashed against mine taking control of my thoughts.  All I knew at that moment was the taste of Devlin and his body pressed against mine.

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