Personal Motivation:  Sink or Swim

Remind yourself:  If it was easy, everyone would do it. -Anon

Depending on the season, depending on the year there are 101 gimmicks around personal motivation. Get a leadership coach. Try this communication class. Watch this podcast series. Buy the latest and greatest self-help book in personal empowerment. Despite the tool or strategy, the ability to motivate yourself through the ups and downs of life determines whether you sink or swim.

As children, we look to our parents to motivate and encourage us to succeed. Some do, some don’t. As we get older, we look to our peers and teachers to motivate and encourage us to do our best. Some do, some don’t. Once you become a full fledge adult, it is up to you to discover what makes you feel like the hero in your own life.

If you are completely clueless, then yes, get a professional. Try the life coach. Try the rock star therapist. Try the communication class at the community college. But after a while, it is up to you to find a daily practice that allows you to wear an armor of positivity. It is critical to have tools that help you persevere in this unpredictable world.

It is important to be your own cheerleader because the people around you have their own lives to live. A spouse can jump in and help you every now and then. A friend can put down her daily to do list and give you a pep talk every now and then. A co-worker can stop by your cubicle to listen and give advice every and now and then. However, the only person responsible for your happiness is you.

In critical moments when tough decisions need to be made, rely on yourself. Use your logic and intuition to decide to say yes to that job, buy that house, or secure the investment. You can always put things on hold to ask another person, but unless the decision affects a group of people, part of being an adult is making tough decisions.

Personal motivation is accepting yourself flaws and all. It means knowing that sometimes you will make mistakes, learn the lesson, and try again. Personal motivation is understanding change is inevitable, but growth is optional. Self-empowerment is standing strong even others may not understand or agree with you. It is up to you to find the best arena where you shine. Curate a menu of practices that help you have the confidence to surf the waves of life. If it is the podcast, self-help book, mantras, gratitude journals, etc. then go for it.

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