G-R-I-T, Grit, Get Some…




2.  courage and resolve; strength of character.

The dictionary definition of grit is having “courage, resolve, or a strength of character.” The gift of grit is the ability to push through challenges when there is no guarantee of success. Many times, in life we have a blueprint or steps to follow that promise obtainment of goals. Surviving on grit is like being in the Artic wilderness with flint for fire and a compass to find your way back home. You just go for it and hope for the best!

The great thing about grit is that it has nothing to do with IQ points or wealth in life. Grit is a deep belief and trust in your ability live life and survive no matter what. You may have family, friends, and co-workers that you believe will be there for you in tough times, but no matter what, you show up for you every time.

It takes time and countless failures to develop grit. There is no magic book or course to take to develop grit. You fall ninety-nine times and get back up on the 100th attempt. A few lucky ones may have parents or grandparents who model grit. Others may have a health scare or experience a natural disaster early in life that develops grit. Others may be born with a disability that requires the need to build grit and live successfully in society. And then, there is always the power of prayer.

Whether you feel you have grit today or hope to develop it tomorrow, all you need to do is keep living life. Correct your course as you meet obstacles and challenges but keep moving forward. Never stop learning, growing, moving forward. Believe in the best possible outcome for yourself. When you are too tired to keep pushing, have a warm drink, and go to bed early. In the morning, use your renewed strength to continue.

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