How to Stay Positive During the Busy Holidays!

The holidays are here. It is time for family and friends and togetherness. It is also time for those who feel alone and misunderstood to feel the holidays like a sucker punch. The news shows the mass shootings across the nation. It is time for us to stand in the light, banish the darkness, and ring in a new year.

Standing in the light is not toxic positivity. It is clearly understanding the ugliness in this world but persevering with healthy self-care skills and not sweating the small stuff. The secret to most storms in life is self-care balanced with knowing how to navigate people and situations outside your control.

Healthy self-care begins with daily rituals that feed your soul and fortify you to leave your home and navigate family, friends, co-workers, total strangers and more. Sleep, diet, and exercise are the secrets to a long life. If you do not have this in order, this is where you begin. Once you have these fundamentals in check, then you line up the simple pleasures that feed your soul such as feeding your five senses. The five senses include what you see, hear, feel, taste, touch, and smell.

Perhaps you begin the day with your favorite music. Maybe you light a candle of your favorite scent while you shower or take a bath. Consider a favorite coffee or creamy rich creamer with your breakfast. Then there is that soft cotton, silk, or cashmere shirt you can wear to the office for a day. Lastly, have a favorite picture of your family, friends, pet, or personal accomplishment on your phone to sneak a peek when you are feeling very challenged.

Standing the light is not a “one and done” fast item to check off your to do list. You take time to know yourself, love yourself, and invest in the best possible you. Come back next week for more tips on how to balance self-care and not sweat the small stuff.

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