Knowing When to Let Go

In this life there are many messages about perseverance, determination, going the long haul and more. But sometimes, you also need to know when to let go of people and situations. There is a difference between fighting the good fight and endless knocking on a closed door.

When is it time to fight the good fight?

Know your priorities in life. Write them down if you can. The list should not be endless or be 101 impossible feats. Ten must-dos in a year is good, even narrowing things down to five priorities, is even better. Then develop an action plan. What can you do every day, every week to accomplish the important goal? You’ll have your good days and bad days when you must persevere. Along the way you should have large and small wins. The task should motivate you to be your best self. You may not have a large crowd cheering you on, but at least, one person should know you about the journey you walk and support you.

When is it time to stop knocking on a closed door?

Then, there are those goals we set for ourselves where we push, and push, and push, but really, it is not for us. You are knocking on a closed door. If there is a goal you have in life, that makes you sad, angry, depressed, most days—it might not be for you. If you invest a lot of time, money, or energy, for months, and years, and you get nowhere—it might not be for you. If the people you surround yourself with to accomplish the task are always working against you with endless conflict—it might not be for you.

The fine line…

It is an important life lesson to know when to persevere through challenges to accomplish remarkable things and when you are knocking on a closed door. At times, doors are closed to us, because there is something bigger, and better, for us to set our sights on. Be patient with yourself as you learn the difference and maintain the courage to reach for the stars.

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