Flashback: Dating Online During COVID

Online dating sites have become super popular during COVID-19. It is safer than mingling face-to-face. It is easier to screen people before approaching them. You think you have more options.

Know your intentions for online dating. Be honest with the other person before meeting. If you are looking for marriage, state that. If you are looking for a girlfriend, state that. If you just want to be friends with benefits, you also need to state that. 

Frankly, a lot of online dating is men and women selling fantasies. Everybody wants to be loved. Everybody wants to be chosen. Beautiful pictures can be generated. It is harder to confirm who you are talking to until you meet face-to-face and spend real time together.

If you choose to seriously date online be reasonable. Guard your privacy. Do not advertise your home address, job location, or family members. If a person does not talk to you using their voice or get on webcam, it can be anybody. A “she” can be a “he.” A Virginia person can really be someone in the Himalayas. Watch out for money scams. A potential partner that is too good to be true, typically is. The other person can be selling you a fantasy and when you meet, they ask for a dollar figure.

If you have love or yearning for a person in your environment, skip the wild, wild west of online dating. Invest in the person you already like and respect.

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