Unshakeable Confidence

Having unshakeable confidence is the key to navigating a world of pandemics, political stances, and civil unrest. Healthy self-confidence helps us step out into the unknown and walk our own unique path. Without some level of confidence, we are defeated before we begin.

What is self-confidence? Self-confidence is not the same thing as self-esteem. A healthy self-esteem means you place a high value on yourself. You have strong self-worth. You like yourself. Self-confidence is the belief you can accomplish different goals regardless of your actual skill level. 

How do you build self-confidence? Having unshakeable confidence is changing the beliefs you have about yourself and it takes work. Building and maintaining healthy confidence takes daily practice. You do not just arrive, then magically you are done for life.

Step 1:  Try things outside your comfort zone

Stepping outside your comfort zone is, as you might expect, uncomfortable.  Real confidence is the ability to be comfortable in a variety of situations that would make most people uncomfortable. You can challenge yourself in large and small ways. For example, you might take on a new job or confront someone you usually avoid. Maybe you strike up a conversation with someone new if you are normally shy. Maybe you try a new cuisine at a restaurant. It is more important you regularly challenge your comfort zone in small ways rather than jump off the deep end in major ways. 

Step 2:  Try a new look

How you dress can affect how other people perceive you, but it can also affect how you perceive yourself. Wearing different clothes can prompt you to think or behave differently. This effect is not just limited to feeling good about yourself. For example, if you want that management job, try wearing a tie from time to time. Look the part, even if you have not actually been hired. If you want to feel more confident, dress the way a confident version of yourself would.

To be continued…

NEXT STEPS:  Come back same time, same place, next week for more steps towards unshakeable confidence.

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