Self-Love: Own Your Power (Part 1)

There are situations outside our control such as flash floods, the money pox outbreak, and political unrest. The concept of owning your power may sound like a difficult mountain to climb. However, awareness of an unhealthy pattern is the first step to change.

Children have a need to be nurtured and to receive modeling of appropriate behavior for success in life. Some begin life with a solid foundation, and some do not. As an adult, you choose your thoughts, words, and actions. You have power. You can own your power. The power comes from within.

Clearly define what you need and want for your current stage in life. Your needs and wants may not be the same as 5 years ago. They may change 10 years from now. Focus on what really matters today that will help you have healthy, positive goals for moving forward in work, love, and life.

Identify tools and strategies that will develop the personal hero within. For example, do you need a professional therapist, a support group, self-help book, podcast, journaling, or something completely different?

Learn to be “selfish.” As you walk the path to owning your power, the people around you will still pull at you with expectations. The boss may expect you to pull an all-nighter for a last-minute work project. Your friend may still break up with his girlfriend and want to vent for the next month. A great tool to owning your power is assertive communication. It is important to learn to say “no” where the other person still feels respected, and you set personal boundaries.


NEXT STEPS:  Come back next week to learn more about owning your power.

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