Dating Advice: Celebrity Fantasies

When it comes to dating and relationships, half of us have no real-world role models. All we know about romantic love is what we see from celebrities, movies, magazines, and other forms of entertainment. Pop culture makes love and romance seem super easy. All you must do is be cute, say the right thing, and BLAM, you are off having porn-star sex. Or you make the effort to have a relationship, give each other titles, and then somebody has a bad day. Your partner hurts your feelings for the first time, and man, the sky is falling. You cannot deal. You take off. It is time to find new love.

Please, please understand the difference between a celebrity fantasy and a true-blue relationship. Despite, what you see in pop culture, a real relationship has peaks and valleys. There are misunderstandings, miscommunication, and a need for forgiveness from time to time. Your partner may have days where she is really rocking it and hot stuff on the runway. The next day she has razor sharp stubble on her legs and slips fart when she thinks you are sleeping.

Nobody is perfect. You are not perfect. Your partner is not perfect. When you decide to enter a committed relationship with someone, the main goal is to build positive experiences and memories. Eventually, someone will have an illness, job difficulties, death in the family. Or a pandemic will hit, and it will seem as if the world has gone to hell. When you are in a relationship for the right reasons – you ride the peaks and valleys and hold on. The good memories will carry you through until the storm clouds part and the sun shines again.

NEXT STEPS: Enjoy watching ABC’s the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but realize, you will most likely, never live that life. And it is okay.

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