Self-Love: Own Your Power (Part 2)

Real personal power is generated from within. You can be promoted, elected, or nominated to a position of power. But no one can gift your personal power. Learning how to own your power will carry you forward with success in work, love, and life.

Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations. In this life be your own cheerleader. The news, social media, and entertainment outlets might have you doubting yourself or comparing yourself to impossible standards. It is important for you to have a practice where you motivate yourself each day to do your best despite your circumstances and the opinions of others. Using positive affirmations is one way to replace negative self-talk.

Declare your ambitions. If you want a promotion at work, talk to your supervisor. If you want to drop 15lbs, talk to the fitness trainer at the gym. If you want to build your social network, check the local meetup for groups with your interests. Declaring your ambition, no matter whether it is professional or personal puts you in position to receive help from people with the right connections.

Acknowledge your fears. Everyone has fears and anxieties about something. The person who walks around appearing to be invincible every day is wearing a mask. Acknowledging your fears will help you take control of your life and begin to make a stand. You can begin to identify steps and solutions to overcome the perceived challenge.

Schedule alone time. Family, friends, and co-workers may need you in different ways or express ideas and opinions on 101 topics. Scheduling time alone helps you clear your mind and focus on what is important in your life. Creativity is born during quiet time. Solutions to problems may be realized in alone time. Reconnecting mentally or spiritually is done during alone time. Every day set aside time to be present and love being in your own space.

Maintain a growth mindset. Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. No matter your stage in life, it is important to be curious, have an open mind, and be willing to listen and learn from others. Nobody is an expert in everything.

Speak up and communicate assertively. Assertive communication is an art. Positive assertive communication will help you build bridges with a diversity of people and limit misunderstandings and disagreements. Many people think they already know what assertive communication is, but it is more than just being “nice” or asking directly for what you want. Make the effort to read a book, take a class, listen to a podcast, or even get a life coach to use assertive communication in work, love, life.

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