Learn How to Welcome Peace

You may think the title of this blog is very odd. Who needs to learn how to welcome peace? Isn’t peace what everyone wants in their life? Well…

I’m sure we all know at least one person who is constantly whining, complaining, or an all-around Debbie Downer. Have you ever actually stopped for a moment to listen to what these individuals are upset about? Many times, they are upset about nothing, or the ordinary ups and downs of life. It is outside one’s control.

This author has the experience of a friend who gets upset when the mail is late. Um, hello, it has been a few years since the huge publicity around cutting funds to the United States Post Office, the shortage of mail carriers during this pandemic, and more. Late mail? Yeah, and? This author has the experience of a co-worker who gets upset when their healthcare agency updates their website to having the latest COVID booster but did not call every member on the telephone sharing the exact same information. Um, what? What agency has that kind of customer service today?

Yes, dear reader, some people need to learn how to welcome peace. Make sure, you know how to welcome peace. Having the ability to welcome peace means you understand that life is not perfect, but you have the obtained the important wins in life? The most important win in life might be food, shelter, clothing, and gas in your car or money for public transportation.

Depending on the social media you listen to, celebrities, politicians, community leaders make life more complicated than it must be. You can’t just have a car; you must have the latest and greatest vehicle with built in Wi-fi and Sirius radio. You can’t just have clothes and shoes that keep you warm; you must have a celebrity name brand or fabric weaved from plant fibers from a select farm.

Learn how to welcome peace and not focus on the small imperfect details of life. What are your top five priorities as a human being, partner, parent, friend, daughter/son, etc.? Sometimes, just sometimes, life is good. You can be happy and content, despite the little bumps in the road. Accept life. Embrace life. Be at peace.

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