President’s Day Sale:  Be a Warrior of Light

2023 has only just begun. Are you ready for the expected and unexpected? Can you stand strong during political antics, economic turmoil, and this pandemic that goes on and on? Find the wisdom to be a warrior of light by reading the motivational book series by RL Collins.

The Life and Times of Indigo Stone: 50 Life Lessons gives guidance on how to be your best self for family, friends, and the career of your dreams. Read a page a day or read it all in one sitting to arm yourself with communication strategies to get what you want and need in life.

Whispered Secrets in the Man Cave: 50 Life Lessons continues the saga with a focus on the male perspective in a world where there are many stereotypes of manhood – some healthy and some unhealthy. Humor is used to lighten the perspective that nobody is perfect and the first step to having any success in this life is to be your own best friend.

Get a sneak peek of each book on Amazon. Decide to buy one or both books for family, friends, and lovers.

Happy President’s Day. Be in charge of your own life!

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