Flashback: How to Release Negative Thoughts

It is reported that ordinary people think 15, 000 to 50, 000 thoughts a day. How do we keep our thoughts positive and avoid sinking into negative overthinking? Recognize, release, and replace the thoughts with love.


Recognize that thoughts are just thoughts. What you think daily is not necessarily the facts. We frequently reminisce about a past that cannot be changed. Or we live in a future that is not guaranteed to happen.


Learn to release the obsessive thoughts that serve no purpose. Negative thoughts can blind you to the blessings in your life. It is hard to feel gratitude for what is working in your life, when you are distracted by a negative loop. You cannot stop all thinking, don’t even try. But you can recognize and release the thoughts that bring unnecessary conflict to your having a happy, healthy, emotional state.


If we cannot stop thinking, it is important to replace negative overthinking with positive affirmations. Replacing difficult thoughts with love takes practice and time, but it can be done.  There are many online resources promoting different mantras around self-love and acceptance. Here is one to get you started:  I release that which no longer serves me, and I replace it with [love, joy, happiness, abundance, acceptance, etc.]

Need more tips and strategies? Consider “The Life and Times of Indigo Stone: 50 Life Lessons”  It is a good read for family, friends, and teens. The KINDLE and paperback are on Amazon right now.

“Whispered Secrets in the Man Cave: 50 Life Lessons” is a gift of love for the man in your life.

NEXT STEPS:  Write a list of the negative thoughts you have on endless loop. Then, burn it (safely). Look in the mirror and begin your new affirmation:  I release all that no longer serves me…

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