How to Manage Difficult People

Whether it is work, love, or life we all come across difficult people from time to time. How do you manage the snarky co-worker? How do you manage the competitive neighbor? How do you manage the person who wants to be your friend to be in your business? Read on and find out…

Have great self-care

In this life the only person we have control over is ourselves. You have no control over the difficult men, women, and some children you meet in life. Every day practice great self-care so you have the emotional resources to weather the storm. This includes a healthy routine for sleep, diet, and exercise. Depending on your faith it may include prayer, meditation, and journaling. You do whatever it takes to wrap yourself in the armor of self-love to face the world.

Set healthy boundaries

Takers have no boundaries. Difficult people often monopolize your time and attention for their own selfish purposes. It is up to you to decide what you will and will not allow in your world. If you know the after work happy hour is spent gossiping about the boss who supports you, are you going to go? If you know that by joining a popular club you must deal with a “playground” bully, do you really need the fame? If you know the restaurant with the impressive food has rude customer service, are you really going to spend your dollars there? Decide what is and is not worth your time.

Practice forgiveness

Not everybody comes from a great family. Not everybody learns from their mistakes in life and strive to be a better man or woman. Some people sit in chaos and dysfunction until the day they die, or they land in the retirement home. Be willing to forgive others for their misfortune and let go of the burden. Forgiveness does not mean you accept or condone their behavior. It means you see it for what it is, it is outside of your control, and you let go of it. Do not carry burdens of others on your back.

With a routine of great self-care, healthy boundaries, and the power forgiveness you can navigate around the difficult people with grace and dignity.

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