The Book That Loves You Through the Valley

Life by definition involves changes. Nothing last forever. Impermanence is a fact. When you find yourself in the valley, love yourself through it.

The real danger of being in the valley is believing there is no way out. There is a way out, it just might take time. The myth of being in the valley is thinking you are alone. Everybody finds themselves in the valley from time to time, they just might not tell you about it. The illusion of being in the valley is that it only happens one time. Once you accept that it is part of life, you embrace the highs, and remember the lessons to cope next time you are low.

Need more motivation?  Use the contemplative essays from the book “The Life and Times of Indigo Stone:  50 Life Lessons” to build you up.

This book is on Amazon for the New Year’s holiday. Check it out HERE.

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