Use Breathwork to Reduce Anxiety & Overthinking

Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. – Oprah Winfrey

Imagine the possibility of your breath being your soul or spirit. Your breath is sacred. Your breath is always communicating with you.  It has something to say to you. Your breath keeps you alive. Breath connects your inner world with your outer world and vice versus. When you see your breath in this light, you are ready for the journey. You are ready to welcome your breath home as a practice of self-love.

To reduce the mental and physical effects of anxiety and overthinking, you can use breathwork.  The goal is to return you to a natural breath pattern. The first step is to recognize your current breath pattern. Trauma, anxiety, and stress can change your breath without you realizing it. The challenges of life can shorten your breath or make your breath shallow.

Try this practice to begin the journey to return to a more natural and healthy breath. You can do it standing, seated, or lying down. Allow yourself to be as you are. Close your eyes. Do a body scan. Feel your feet, legs, pelvis, belly, chest. Feel your hands, arms, shoulders. Feel your eyes, nose, mouth. Watch your next inhale. Feel the journey into your body. Feel the exhale leave your body.

Study what you feel and imagine in the body. What do you think about your own natural breath pattern? Feel for where the breath likes to move. Feel where your body allows the breath to move. Notice where breath gets stuck. At the peak of your inhale, where does your body hold first? Exhale. Breathe in. Let your belly hang out. When you feel full, take in a little more air. Relax into the moment.

Seek to discover the width of your breath. Exhale. On the next inhale, breathe wide into your ribs. See how wide you can breathe into your chest, 360 degrees. Breathe wide side to side. Breathe wide back-to-back. Continue to soften your belly. Continue slowing down your breath. Focus on what is happening inside your body.

During the final phase bring it all together. Breathe in. Belly. Ribs. Chest. Collar bones. Cheeks bones. Eyes. Lips. In your own pace feel yourself fill up from the bottom to the top. Allow yourself to feel gratitude. Silently name anything you are grateful for and raise your vibration. At the end, allow your eyes to open. Say thank you. Come back another day and try again.  

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