2/22/22 – Grateful, Thankful, Blessed!

Any time you turn on the news, there are 101 reasons to be afraid, depressed, and hopeless. There is an air of doom and gloom around the pandemic, inflation, and more.  Having an attitude of gratitude is the best way to deflect the chaos in our world. Focus on what is going well in your life.

When you appreciate the small accomplishments in life, you attract more abundance. Thankfulness gives you the energy to persevere with goals. Gratitude helps you maintain a positive circle of friendship with others. Acknowledging your blessings keeps you open to new opportunities for growth and development.

So how to you learn to practice gratitude? It is actually very simple. There are no hard and fast rules. And if someone tells you that you are doing it wrong, they are probably a Debbie Downer!

First, you can write down what you are grateful for. You can write in a journal, gratitude app, post-it, anything! Start small. If you woke up this morning without any aches and pains – be grateful. If you have healthy food in your refrigerator – be thankful. If you have clothes that keep you warm during this winter weather – have gratitude.

Second, make it a habit to express your gratitude. Perhaps set aside five minutes at the end of each day to review positive experiences large and small. Perhaps when you have your lunch break, make a list of accomplishments from the morning. Perhaps when after you brush your teeth in the morning, jot down small wins from the day before.

Lastly, keep your blessings private to you and select family or friends. The practice is for you to keep motivated in times of uncertainty. Unless you have a comrade taking the same gratitude journey, others may not understand or may have envy. Be your own best cheerleader. Navigate the Debbie Downers or those who may not understand that the glass really is half full. Stay on course!

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