Redemption Through Literature

Sometimes life smacks you in the face. You did not even see it coming. Maybe you are blindsided by a job loss. Maybe you are surprised by the passing of a loved one. Maybe you are used to a certain way of doing things, then the rules change. The world can be unpredictable.

After you roll through the anger, grief, and uncertainty – you have a decision to make. Stay stuck or rebuild? Choosing to rebuild your life, heart, or mind is the mark of maturity. You can rebuild stronger and wiser. You may even reach a point where the past is simply a lesson learned.  

Find redemption through good literature and consider the motivational books by RL Collins.

“The Life and Times of Indigo Stone: 50 Life Lessons” is a good read for family, friends, and teens. The KINDLE and paperback are on Amazon right now.

“Whispered Secrets in the Man Cave: 50 Life Lessons” is a gift of love for the man in your life.

NEXT STEPS: Decide your next steps to stand strong in this world.

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