The Mysterious Red Leather Journal

Selina Anderson, vampire hunter, is a small-town woman living in Culpeper, Virginia, battling the light and dark to save family and friends.

In the first novel, “Blood Magic,” she is bustling around her quiet community where everybody knows everybody when she meets three strangers in one day. The first stranger inspires a rampage in the local library. The second stranger gives her a mysterious gift of a red leather journal. The third stranger stands strong and alluring…and kidnaps her into a magical world previously unknown.

After you sink your teeth into “Blood Magic,” Selina Anderson comes back in the sequel, “Blood Drops on the Virginia Trail:  A Novel.”  In this new adventure, she is torn between the forbidden desire for two beautiful men. A nation-wide pandemic has hit Culpeper requiring everyone to wear masks and social distance. The battle to develop a life saving vaccine draws the attention of vampires, were-animals, and other magical creatures. 

EXCERPT from “Blood Magic:”

I pulled back from the vision with a sense of elation knowing that I had made some progress.  Then Devlin’s lips were moving over mine slowly redirecting my energy.  I began to relax into him and kiss him back. His arm tightened like a vise around my waist.  He lowered me down onto the bed and kept me covered with the warm hardness of his body. My hands roamed his back feeling the tightly coiled muscles. I realized I had been anticipating the feel of him beneath my hands. Now, I could explore...

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