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Author RL Collins

In “Blood Magic,” Selina Anderson battles vampires, witches, and were-animals to save small town Virginia. In this thrilling adventure, carnal delights can bring death or life.

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Podcast #21 – Tangled Webs
Podcast #20 – Forbidden Desires
Podcast #19 – Glistening Wet Things
Podcast #18 – Other Magical Creatures
Podcast #17 – Et Tu Brute
Podcast #16 – Surprise Family Ties
Podcast #15 – Red Blood, Red Leather
Podcast #14 – The Vampire Interrogation
Podcast #13 – Slick Hips Slick Thoughts
Podcast #12 – Tiki Island
Podcast #11 – A Father’s Revenge
Podcast #10 – Sequel Sneak Peek
Podcast #9 – The English Maze
Podcast #8 – The Embrace
Podcast #7 – The Test of Blood
Podcast #6 – The Richmond Mansion
Podcast#5 – Enter the Wicked
Podcast #4 – Stranger Things in Culpeper Library
Podcast #3 – The Winding Trail
Podcast #2 – Introductions

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