How to Avoid Common Holiday Distractions!

It is the last month of 2022, and the energy is high among family, friends, and co-workers. Avoid the inevitable distractions and slide into the bliss of ending a year well-lived. When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, breathe out old baggage and breathe in new opportunities.

So, what are the inevitable distractions during the last month of the year? Traffic jams to and from work. Leave a little earlier than usual and eat a good breakfast or bring a snack. Play music from your favorite artist in the car or on the train with your cell phone and earbuds.

High food prices at the grocery store or a shortage of recipe items for the turkey dinner sides, can really irk you. The solution? Do price comparisons online before going to the store for in-person shopping. Shop early in the morning when the grocery stores first open. Most stores are well stocked, clean, and orderly first thing in the morning.  

What about family, friends, and co-workers griping about the state of the nation? Clearly identify what is within your control and outside your control. We all have the power of the vote. We all have the power to be a good shoulder to cry on or set personal boundaries around the negativity of others. A need for coffee or tea is always a great reason to get up and move away from Debbie Downers.

During the countdown to the end of the year, remember to manage your own self-care. Maintain healthy habits around sleep, diet, and exercise and be your own best friend. Cheer lead yourself to the end of 2022.

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