Say Good-Bye to Ghosts of the Past

There are two weeks left to 2022. It is time to say good-bye to ghosts of the past. Whatever did not work or was a great disappointment, let go and make peace. Learn the lessons and start 2023 armed with an arsenal of life tools to combat the normal challenges and obstacles in life. How do you do this? Read on and find out…

Sit in mindfulness

Sit in mindfulness. Many of life’s challenges last seconds, minutes, or maybe a day. The consequences however can last weeks and months. Many times, a great disappointment happens, and we sit in the memories for months and years long after the actual event has passed. Sitting in mindfulness helps you to stop replaying the negative scene in your mind. If you have food, shelter, clothing, and gas in your car, you are okay! You have survived. Problem-solve how to avoid a repeat occurrence and move on.

Vent in healthy ways

No man or woman is an island. Everybody needs healthy ways to vent frustration and anger. If you have a partner or best friend, wonderful! Talk to that person as needed. Remember to not overload your bestie and turn into a Debbie Downer. Balance venting to others with prayer, meditation, and journaling. Blank pages of a journal are meant to be filled with words. A journal never gets tired of hearing about your life. Keep it in a safe place and your vented feelings stay private. However, sometimes, we real deep support and assistance or we are dealing with a very difficult situation. Know when to call a professional whether it is a therapist, life coach, or priest.

Have great self-care

The best way to survive the normal ups and downs of life is to have great self-care. If you do not manage your sleep, diet, and exercise, you are helpful to no one including yourself. Feed yourself food that gives your energy and keeps your body in tip top shape. Develop a sleep routine so no matter the day you can relax, unwind, and get a solid 8-9 hours of sleep. Find an exercise plan that fits your schedule and health needs. Whether it is walking, running, yoga, chair dancing, pick something you love to do and can maintain over a long period of time.

Make new memories

Finally, make new memories. Get together with family, friends, or a beloved pet and be yourself. Talk, laugh, love…let go. Every day you wake up with breath in your body is an opportunity to start over and make new memories.

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