Feel the Fever…

Spring will have sprung in a few more weeks. Feel the fever early and dive into the paranormal romance, “Blood Drops on the Virginia Trail: A Novel” by RL Collins.

Selina Anderson, Vampire Hunter, is back in this sequel to “Blood Magic.” She is a small-town woman living in Culpeper, Virginia, torn between the forbidden desire for two beautiful men. Both men are strong and delicious but fight on different sides of the light and dark. In the meantime, a nation-wide pandemic has hit Culpeper requiring everyone to wear masks and social distance. The battle to develop a life saving vaccine draws the attention of vampires, were-animals, and other magical creatures.  Then, the Mayor of Culpeper turns up dead, murdered in cold blood.

NEXT STEPS:  Browse the “Blood Magic” series page with more excerpts.

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