Using Patience to Achieve Your Dreams

“Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” – Joyce Meyer

I want. You want. We want. As children we are often told to be patient until whatever we desire arrives at the right time. Youth and being impulsive go hand in hand. As adults, we often just put more strength into the push to grab whatever it is we want in life. However, patience, real patience is a gift we give ourselves that is timeless.

The ability to wait for the right time to receive what we hold dear is made easier when we can occupy our mind with other worthwhile activities. Perhaps one day you wish to be married or have a life partner. Sure, you could download all the latest dating apps. Coordinate outfits to the local happy hours. Or even take your dog to the local park to force an air of being approachable with your cute pooch. But some things cannot be forced. You might get a date fast, but the best life partner will take time.

While you are waiting to land the promotion of your dreams in the workplace, you can invest your time into achieving smaller goals. How about taking a community college class on public speaking to keep your job skills sharp? How about coordinating family and friends to donate gently used clothes, including business clothes, to the local Goodwill center? How about teaching computer skills to senior citizens at your neighborhood library? Slow down and enjoy the journey to achieve important life goals.

It is easy to spin ourselves into circles trying to outsmart people and situations we think we have control over. The only person we have control over in this life, is ourselves. Anything you wish to achieve that relies on the cooperation of other people, institutions, or even biology, will simply take time. Be calm, cool, and collected. Keep your eyes on the prize. Invest in worthwhile dreams. But along the way pause and enjoy life.

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