Flashback: How to Stop the Pity Party – Ack!

Everyone has challenges and obstacles in their life. Family and friends may or may not understand you or be able to support you. Sometimes the person closest to you is the source of conflict. How do you stop the pity party when life feels out of control?

Nothing is permanent except death

Nothing in this life is permanent except death. Whatever tricky situation you are in, will pass. It may not pass as soon as you want it to, but it will pass. Grit your teeth and sit in it. Practice great self-care while you are in the storm. Good self-care includes managing your sleep, diet, and exercise.

Identify what is and is not within your control

Sh*t happens. No matter how often you pray, meditate, journal, etc. you cannot avoid life’s challenges. You just learn to ride it out without falling apart. Many challenges we deal with in life are outside of our control. Difficult boss. Difficult co-workers. Critical mother-in-law. Global conflict that makes gas prices soar. What you do have control over is how you allow external forces affect your emotions. You have great control over your perception of the world and how you manage the negative messages. You can choose to see the glass as half full or half empty.

Be your own cheerleader until times improve

A few people are incredibly lucky and grew up in perfect families and have wonderful friends who are always there for us. The rest of us, come from families that had some sort of dysfunction. Friends get busy with work, love, life. In reality, you must be your own cheerleader. Find ways to motivate and encourage yourself to persevere through the difficulties of life This is a commitment you make every day not just when times are tough. You can motivate yourself with inspirational videos, podcasts, quotes, mantras, prayers, and more. Build an armor of courage, determination, and self-love before you leave home every day.

When life feels out of control and you find yourself having a pity party, give it 24 hours, then take steps to turn things around.

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