Beating Your Chest

Hombre. Homme. Rén

What does it mean to be a man in 2021 and beyond? Do not look to the movies, magazines, and celebrities. It is something more organic. And in a lot of ways, it is gender neutral.  The world is rolling through major change and transition with the pandemic, political unrest, civil disruption. We need men, women, people who are honest with tact and empathetic.

Honesty with Tact

The world will tell you to be honest. But mostly, people only want to hear a truth they can agree with. If you tell an unpopular truth, you better buckle up! There is going to be hell to pay. It is critical to learn how to tell the truth with tact. Assume everybody is a delicate soul and easily wounded. But at times, you simply must tell the truth to have progress with challenges and obstacles.

Hard truth:  I hate watching that TV show with you, it is so boring!

Tactful Truth: I like spending time with you, maybe we can find a TV show that interests us both.

Hard Truth:  This new recipe you used for dinner is unappetizing and falls short of the restaurant version.

Tactful Truth: You used great creativity with tonight’s meal, but sometimes less is more.

Use Empathy

In many situations when someone expresses anger, frustration, or difficult emotions – they do not feel seen and heard.  Take a moment before you respond. The first impulse might be to dish it right back! Or lash out! You just want to bounce to something more pleasant. But wait. Read between the lines. Is this the first time your person has been angry around this topic? Does the situation seem small to you, but big to her? Are you simply confused and at a lost? Ask questions. Ask a lot of questions. The best resolutions start with, “Help me understand why…” Resolve the issue. Squash it. Do not let it fester until there is a total break in communication.

NEXT STEPS:  The next time you see or hear something disagreeable with from a loved one, kindly redirect instead of complaining.

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