Love and Independence: Part 2

The best weapon in this world of unpredictable events is love of self. When you have unconditional love for yourself, no man, woman, or circumstance can defeat you.  The path to self-love is a journey.

Drop the baggage

Over time is it normal to accumulate baggage from life. We have hurts, disappointments, and perceived rejection that weighs us down. Eventually, you just need to drop it. Release that which no longer serves you. The past is the past, and it cannot be undone. Take the lesson and let of the emotional tie. Pray, meditate, journal, go to therapy, etc. Acknowledge what happen, then let it go. It will not happen overnight but make the commitment to yourself to walk in the world with less baggage.

Accept imperfections

There is this saying, “practice makes perfect.” This expression is only true when you have a finite goal. For example, if you are trying to run the perfect mile, “practice makes perfect.” If you are trying to bake the perfect souffle, “practice makes perfect.” If you are trying to beat your best gaming score, “practice makes perfect.” If you are trying to be the perfect man, woman, partner, friend, etc.—there is no such thing. Life can be messy. Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Strive to be better than you were yesterday, but perfection is an illusion.

You are the gift

No matter where you live in this world there are celebrations and reasons to give others. It could be Christmas, a birthday, a wedding, the promotion of a good friend…anything. We often aim for a good dollar figure on the gift, scroll through a registry, or decide on the latest and greatest name brand. Your time and attention to a person or situation is the greatest gift. You are the priceless gift. If you decide to give to someone or a community, give your full attention. Close the laptop. Put your phone on vibrate. Put on a smile. Do not feel a need to impress. Show up and be in the moment. Enjoy connection and conversation with another human being.

Happy Independence Day in the USA!

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