How to Rock It in Life & Avoid the Green-Eyed Monster

We have all had the experience of dealing with someone who brings us unnecessary conflict. You might have to deal with a difficult personality at work, in the neighborhood, or while in line at the local convenience store. It is important to know that most misguided hostility stems from jealousy. Beware the green-eyed monster! The other person perceives you has having more than them in some way or succeeding where they fail. 

Appearing Weak When You Are Strong

When dealing with an unstoppable difficult person, there is nothing wrong with presenting yourself as meek so long as you do not believe that you are meek. Maintain healthy boundaries. Have a quiet confidence. Soften your voice. The jealous person will calm down, have a little more peace in their life, and not spend so much of their free time plotting your downfall. Jealous people often have a personal story we know nothing about that makes them lash out over unknown issues.

Appearing Strong When You are Weak

Sometimes the sharks are circling, and you must be very, very careful not to leave any blood in the water. The difficult person is always watching you, testing you, poking you. She is waiting for a moment of weakness to say – I gotcha! Like Marvel’s Iron Man there are situations where you put on your suit of armor and don a mask. Do it! Rock it! Watch your level of vulnerability around people and situations that are consistently negative. More than likely the jealous person you are dealing with is also wearing a mask. He is not willing to voice the real issue so there is this never-ending battle of wills. Save yourself the drama. Look out for your own best interest. Be Iron Man when you feel like little Bo Peep.

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NEXT STEPS:  The next time you are approached by a green-eyed monster, smile on the inside, and tell yourself: I must be really rocking it!

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