Healthy Competition in Life

Having healthy competition in life can keep your mind, body, and soul in tip top shape. Use competitive feelings to help motivate you not destroy others — or yourself. Be respectful, ethical, cooperative, personally accountable, and non-threatening. Climb the proverbial mountain and plant your flag!

There are different ways to incorporate a bit of healthy competition in life, beyond the playing field or the boardroom. Life Zemplified has some great suggestions:

Healthy Competition with Personal Finances

Challenge some friends to save money or pay off debt. Or use the net worth of others to motivate yourself to earn and save more. Challenge your spouse to some no spend months. Or invite others to evaluate their efforts towards the pursuit of financial independence and early retirement for some healthy comparisons.

Healthy Competition in Fitness

Challenge yourself to improve your 1-mile walking pace. Design a mini-obstacle race in your backyard for the kids. See who can do more jumping jacks in 1 minute, you or your partner. Sign-up for a 5K race with a friend, slowest finisher buys beer.

Healthy Competition with Food

Challenge a coworker or two to brown bag lunch for a month. Have a home “Chopped” game with friends or family. Strive to eat 10 servings of vegetables a day. Challenge your spouse or a friend to a recipe creation contest – let the kids participate.

Healthy Competition, Keep It Fun!

Play, engage with others, and have fun. The things we and others consider fun is an endless list. Just about any hobby can also be made competitive by challenging yourself as well as others. Keep it healthy and fun by respecting other’s feelings (and your own), be honest, respectful, and most of all, be able to lose, as well as win. Then challenge yourself to do better next time.

NEXT STEPS:  What healthy competition can you schedule for the next weekend?

Having healthy competition in life can keep your mind, body, and soul in tip top shape.

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